Release 6538: hypernode-oom-protect uses correct cwd, hypernode-ssl-config-generator handles multiple DNS names

In this release we have updated some of the tools in our Python bundle of system utilities. hypernode-oom-protect will now report the correct current working directory before:


hypernode-ssl-config-generator can now handle multiple DNS names in the dehydrated domains.txt Example:

Resulting NGINX config before:

Resulting NGINX config after:

Changes will […]

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Release-6527: PHP updates on the 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 versions

MS-ISAC has issued an alert related to multiple vulnerabilities that have been discovered in PHP. It is recommended that all sites using PHP should update to the latest PHP version as soon as possible. We have updated our PHP versions accordingly: PHP 5.6 version from 5.6.40-1 to 5.6.40-12 PHP 7.0 version from 7.0.33-10 to 7.0.33-11 […]

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Release-6507: More memory added to specific plans

Today we released a new Grow, Professional M, Professional L and Professional XL plan with more memory. Fortunately we have been able to do this without changing prices on these plans. More RAM memory and Redis We lifted the amount of RAM on our Grow plan from 3 to 4 GB and doubled the amount […]

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Release-6472: PHP7.0 update and Hypernode Firewall

PHP7.0 Update We have updated our PHP 7.0 version to 7.0.33-10. For a complete list of changes see the PHP 7.0 ChangeLog. We will be deploying this update gradually overall Hypernodes this week. Hypernode Firewall Also this week we are introducing the Hypernode Firewall. A system which will dynamically update the firewall of each Hypernode […]

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Release 6443: hypernode-oom-protect bugfix, elasticsearch logs readable by app user

In this release we have implemented a bugfix that will make it so that children of processes spawned by hypernode-oom-protect will not be flagged as ‘allowed to be out of memory killed’ anymore. This would happen automatically within one minute, which was unintended behavior. On Hypernode we have a periodic task that checks all unprivileged […]

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Release 6394 – Dehydrated version updated to v0.6.5

In this release we updated our Dehydrated version from v0.6.2 to v0.6.5. This was done in order to fix an issue we noticed when generating new Let’s Encrypt certificates. We received a 400 error with the following error message: Malformed account ID in KeyID header URL: \”\” This bug was fixed in v0.6.5 of Dehydrated. […]

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Release 6380: Newsletter spam prevention and Blackfire update

Lately, we saw a big increase in spammers trying to abuse the newsletter and account creation features in Magento. This issue both effects Magento 1 and 2. And it is surprisingly easy to abuse. A spammer can simply try a curl to the newsletter subscription endpoint in Magento with an email address take he would […]

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Release 6364: Magento 2 preinstall updated to 2.3.2

Magento released the new Magento 2 version 2.3.2 yesterday. The Magento 2 preinstall on Hypernode has been updated to this new version. The new preinstalled version when you order a Hypernode will now be 2.3.2.

If you want to try out this new Magento version with the official sample data (the Luma demo shop) […]

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Release 6360: PHP 7.2 updated to 7.2.19, libsodium updated for Magento 2.3.2

In this release we will update our PHP 7.2 installation from 7.2.16 to 7.2.19. We compiled this new version to include sodium 1.17, following last week Thursday’s posting on the Magento DevBlog about the system requirements for the new and upcoming Magento Open Source and Commerce v2.3.2. While libsodium was already available on Hypernode for […]

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Release 6339: Improved logrotation for Elasticsearch, installed prips and more

In this release we have made a couple of small changes: improved our logrotation policies for Elasticsearch installed prips for printing IP ranges updated the before_redir.block_product_frontend_action NGINX configuration if unaltered to take into account alternative routes. Thanks Cipriano!

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