From this release onwards we will enable the Hypernode managed vhosts feature on newly created Hypernodes. This does not affect any existing Hypernodes, and will only affect Hypernodes that are newly created.

What are Hypernode managed vhosts?

Hypernode managed vhosts is a feature specifically made for Hypernode that allows you to easily add, remove and configure Nginx VHosts.

You can check out our support documentation regarding managed vhosts or read the changelog for more information.

What does this mean for my Hypernode?

If you have a Hypernode that was created before April 6th 2020, you are not affected by this change. Your Nginx config will not be changed, and is not going to be changed if you choose to up or downgrade your Hypernode to a different plan.

Want to start using Hypernode managed vhosts on your Hypernode? Run the following command on your Hypernode to start using it: hypernode-systemctl managed_vhosts_enabled --value True