As from now on MageReport Premium is also available for Hypernode customers using the Control Panel ( Previously, it was already accessible for customers using the Dutch Service Panel. Accessing MageReport Premium is easy by logging on to with your Hypernode customer account. Choose ‘Sign in with Hypernode’ on your top right.

With, anyone can scan their Magento shop to check whether there are any security issues. However, when logged on with your Hypernode account, you get access to additional data such as Performance checks and charts.

Perks of MageReport Premium

MageReport Premium offers a checklist with a complete overview of all your shops and the status per check. The Performance checks & charts tell you how to make your shop even faster, by showing you the bottlenecks.

  • Performance checks
    • Long running processes detected
    • Var/log directory size
    • Disk usage
    • Bot traffic
    • Response time
    • Memory usage
  • Performance charts
    • PHP requests per minute
    • Average PHP response time (seconds)
    • Long running processes (seconds)
    • CPU usage (%)
    • Redis memory in use (%)

Interested in MageReport premium? We offer it to all our customers who run on Hypernode. Get a trial and try it now!