Release 6892: supervisord support

Supervisor enables you to use programs that need to run all the time on your Hypernode. These (usually long running) programs should not fail if there is an error. To accomplish this Supervisor watches your programs and restarts them if they might fail. Supervisor works great for use cases where a web hook or metrics […]

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Release 6861: Hypernode-importer now supports automated migrations for Shopware 5 and 6

This release contains a new hypernode-importer feature related to Shopware. Allowing for the importing of Shopware content management systems. Shopware Cloud Hosting Hypernodes is our newest solution in a growing family of PaaS offerings. Transfering your Shopware installation to Hypernode has never been easier. Support for the importing of Shopware 5 & 6 webshops You […]

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Release 534: Introducing User Management and Transferring ownership

User Management We’ve added User Management as a new feature on our Control Panel. It’s now possible to invite co-developers, merchants or agencies (from a merchants perspective) to your “Team” for accessing and handling your Hypernode(s) settings. You can also create a new Team for a specific Hypernode, in case you have more. Teams, Owners […]

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Release 6828: Pinning Magerun 2 to 3.2.0

In this release we are pinning the system wide installation of magerun 2, the Magento commandline tool, to version 3.2.0. The newest 4.0.0 and up versions, while providing great features, have a bunch of breaking changes like dropping support for PHP 7.1 and Magento 2.2 and lower. For convenience we’re keeping the default version installed […]

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Release 6679: New WAF rules for CVE-2019-8144, potential abuse in the wild detected

In this release we have updated the Hypernode platform with new NGINX rules to block an attack on the Magento Page Builder. Last month with the Magento 2.3.3 and 2.2.10 Security Update a patch was released for a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in the Page Builder: PRODSECBUG-2403: Remote code execution through crafted Page Builder […]

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Release 6675: The app user can now restart php7.3-fpm

When we added PHP 7.3 to Hypernode three weeks ago we forgot to add the privilege for the app user to restart this version. This has now been fixed. The app user can now restart this version of PHP as well. To restart php7.3-fpm on a Hypernode you can run:

Note that restarting PHP […]

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Release 6640: Managing your Nginx VHosts with hypernode-manage-vhosts

This release allows you to enable support for the new hypernode-manage-vhosts command on your Hypernode. This commands allows for easy management of your Nginx server blocks, or commonly referred to as VHosts, on your Hypernode. Managing your VHosts in an easy manner becomes increasingly important if you want to set up multiple VHosts on your […]

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Release 6627: The app user can read /etc/redis/redis.conf

It came to our attention that while the /etc/redis/redis-persistent.conf configuration file for the persistent Redis instance was readable by the app user, the default /etc/redis/redis.conf was not. We’ve now changed our configuration management to also make the redis.conf readable. before:


For more information about our Redis configuration see this article.

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Release 6626: PHP updates, 7.0.33-12, 7.1.33-1, 7.2.24-1, 7.3.11-1 and 5.6.40-13

As announced on Friday, today we have updated the PHP version in our repositories to the following versions:

For details, see the PHP changelog or the Debian PHP Team packaging changelog.

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Release 6625: Preparing PHP upgrade for CVE-2019-11043

Yesterday a new vulnerability in PHP was disclosed where a specific setting of PHP-FPM, combined with a certain NGINX configuration, could result in the possibility of remote code execution. The Hypernode platform is not vulnerable, because our NGINX configuration does not satisfy the preconditions for this bug to be exploitable. However, to prevent similar attack […]

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