Every Black Friday / Cyber Monday period we try to minimize our deployments to the production platform to ensure maximum stability, so it’s been a while since our last platform changelog. This year during Black Friday we’ve had traffic peaks double of what we’d have on a calm Saturday two months earlier.

Some shops on our platform do a huge amount of their sales during the holiday period so that’s why we’re very careful about introducing any new elements into our ecosystem during these crucial weeks. But now that we’ve weathered Black Friday we’re ready to deploy some of the things we’ve been working on in the mean time.

The release of PHP 8.1 is the talk of the town in the Magento community. It’s rumored to be fast and looking at these Phoronix benchmarks that’s no surprise. According to the Magento system requirements PHP 8.1 will be officially supported starting in version 2.4.4 which is scheduled to be released in March.

Last week we already released new hypernode-docker images for PHP 8.1. Starting this week it’s also possible to change to PHP 8.1 in production.

Check out the PHP settings page in either the legacy Service panel:

Or in our new and shiny Control Panel:

You can of course also switch PHP versions using the Hypernode command-line tool or the Hypernode-API:

Some things to keep in mind: at this point in time with PHP 8.1 you will not be able to use ioncube, newrelic or blackfire. If you test out PHP 8.1 and things don’t work as you expect, you of course can switch back to a previous version.