In this release we have updated the Varnish version of the hypernode-docker images that run on PHP 7.4 or higher from Varnish 4.1 to Varnish 6.1. Images for PHP version 7.3 or lower will remain on the Varnish 4.1 version for now. The system requirements for Magento have been updated to no longer support Varnish 4 officially since Magento 2.3.5, meaning that the default Magento core VCL is going to have issues running on this older version of Varnish. Thanks to Peter Jaap from Elgentos for suggesting this change on the hypernode-docker github repository.

In other news, we have replaced the hypernode-manual alias with a hypernode-docs alias in order not to break the autocomplete flow when people type hypernode-man tab tab in order to reach the hypernode-mange-vhosts command quickly.