With this release, we’d like to announce our new documentation site: Hypernode Docs.

The new documentation site is more intuitive, has more (and better) features, allows us to write even beter documentation for our platform, and perhaps the most important thing: it’s open source on GitHub!

Go to ByteInternet/hypernode-docs-next to visit the GitHub repository. Everything happens here: pull requests, code/content reviews, continuous integration AND deployment using our own technologies Hypernode Deploy and Hypernode Brancher.

We also recorded our first development preview, to take a look at what Hypernode Docs looks like and how it all works.

One last thing: the hypernode-docs CLI command, which is an alias to read the hypernode man page (read more about man pages). This man page is generated by the same Hypernode Docs source, so as Hypernode Docs gets updated, we’ll keep generating new man pages based off of that.

CLI recording show usage of hypernode-manual command

UPDATE: in the example above, we showcase the hypernode-manual alias. This alias has been renamed to hypernode-docs, so use that instead.