We have made a small change to the message of the day, it will now include some nice hints. The ‘motd’ is the output you see when you log in to a Hypernode using SSH. It contains some useful information about the server and information about how to use the system. In this release we have expanded this message to include a random useful Hypernode hint every time you log in. Here’s an example:

If you would like to see more Hypernode hints you can now also run the convenient hypernode-hint command. A friendly Hypernode robot will give you as much tips and tricks as you want.

If you have any suggestions for additional Hypernode hints that might be useful to Hypernode users, feel free to create a pull request on the new fortunes-hypernode-hints repository on GitHub. If we think your Hypernode hint is useful we will add it to the list. You can also inspect the complete list of hints in that GitHub repository.