In the past month we haven’t deployed many changes to the platform to keep things sailing smoothly for the Black Friday weeks/days. We haven’t been standing still though, so we have another cool new feature this week: managed n98-magerun2 versions, finally!

Previously the default n98-magerun2 version was 3.2.0. We chose for this because n98-magerun2 has been backwards incompatible in versions afer 3.2.0 because of Magento and/or PHP incompatibilities. There were other versions of available, but it was a bit inconvenient:

  • n98-magerun2-4.8.0
  • n98-magerun2-5.0.0
  • n98-magerun2-6.1.0

As time went on, we kept getting more and more requests to have a way to specify which n98-magerun2 version should be used for the n98-magerun2 command. This is now possible!

You can configure the version by changing the magerun2_version with running the following command:

app@j6ysu7-example-magweb-cmbl:~$ hypernode-systemctl settings |& grep magerun2_version
magerun2_version ['3.x', '4.x', '5.x', '6.x', 'latest']
app@j6ysu7-example-magweb-cmbl:~$ hypernode-systemctl settings magerun2_version latest

To keep everything backwards compatible, all the existing Hypernodes have this setting set to 3.x. For new Hypernodes, the setting will be set to latest.

While we’re on this topic, we’d like to thank netz98, the community and especially Christian Münch for building and maintaining this amazing swiss army knife for Magento 2 applications!