PHP7.0 Update

We have updated our PHP 7.0 version to 7.0.33-10. For a complete list of changes see the PHP 7.0 ChangeLog. We will be deploying this update gradually overall Hypernodes this week.

Hypernode Firewall

Also this week we are introducing the Hypernode Firewall. A system which will dynamically update the firewall of each Hypernode every hour to ensure that the node stays protected from things like brute-forces and spammers.

How does it work?

Each hour every Hypernode will contact the centralized Hypernode systems and ask for the current version of the Hypernode Firewall. When this list is retrieved, the node will update its firewall to make sure it matches the list received from the Hypernode systems. This way a change to the firewall is active on every Hypernode within the hour, improving our ability to quickly deal with spammers and bot-nets trying to brute-force Hypernodes and thus reducing the impact from these kinds of attacks.

What will be in the firewall?

Because we have access to the logs of all Hypernodes, we have a very powerful position to quickly spot suspicious browsing patterns emerging. For example in release 6380 we spotted that spammers were abusing the newsletter endpoint in Magento to send spam. With this new firewall, we can construct queries that will look for these spammers and automatically block the IPs using the Hypernode Firewall. This also opens up a whole range of possibilities for us as Hypernode developers to make self-learning queries against the Hypernode logs and suggest changes to the Firewall, further strengthening the security of every Hypernode.