Today we released a new Grow, Professional M, Professional L and Professional XL plan with more memory. Fortunately we have been able to do this without changing prices on these plans.

More RAM memory and Redis

We lifted the amount of RAM on our Grow plan from 3 to 4 GB and doubled the amount of RAM on our Professional M, L and XL plans. We also changed the amount of Redis memory accordingly. The corresponding development plans have also been updated to the new resources.

Note that we only offer these improved plans on Combell OpenStack. If you choose to move your Hypernode to a DigitalOcean datacenter anywhere in the world, we are restricted by the resources they offer in their plans.

If you want to start using one of the new plans, you can order one as of now. If you already have a Hypernode, you can change your plan and start using a new plan. Just simply “upgrade” your current plan to the same one. For example from Professional M to Professional M. Please remember changing a Hypernode plan will lead to some downtime.