In this release we have implemented a bugfix that will make it so that children of processes spawned by hypernode-oom-protect will not be flagged as ‘allowed to be out of memory killed’ anymore. This would happen automatically within one minute, which was unintended behavior. On Hypernode we have a periodic task that checks all unprivileged processes and makes them more appealing to the Linux of memory killer so that more important processes are more likely to survive in a low memory scenario. However, any processes spawned by hypernode-oom-protect should be exempt from that rule. This version makes it so that we exclude any app user processes with oom_score_adj set to -1000 from the cron that sets all app user processes to 1000.

Other changes: the logs in /var/log/elasticsearch can now be read by the app user. This will make it easier to debug any problems with Elasticsearch for Magento on Hypernode.

Changes will be deployed over the course of the next week.