In this release we’ve added another option to the hypernode-api. You can now configure your Hypernode to use a large MySQL thread_stack. While on Hypernode you have full admin privileges on your entire MySQL database, it is not possible to change root-owned MySQL related config files. This means that you can configure any runtime setting, but settings that go in the mysqld.conf and need to be defined at start-up time or settings that you don’t want to re-apply every time MySQL is restarted sometimes can’t be set by the unprivileged app user.

To facilitate some type of flexibility regarding these settings anyway we have a set of MySQL related opt-in settings that can be set using the hypernode-api or using the hypernode-systemctl command-line tool (which implements this API).

We’ve noticed that for some larger Shopware installations the default thread_stack size can become an issue. If you have the memory to spare changing the MySQL thread_stack from the default 192K to 512K might be a good solution (or at least quick fix to identify your problem).

In Shopware the search index & keywords tables have been seen to require a larger thread_stack in some configurations. We’ve seen issues where queries on these aggregate tables started to cause issues in shops with north of 40K SKU’s during a search reindexation.

If you encounter these types of errors:

It might be a good idea to enable this feature and see if this setting addresses your issue.

On a Hypernode you can enable the larger thread_stack by running this command as the app user:

You can then check the progress of your change by running:

Once the setting has been activated you will see the configuration file change on disk:

You might need to restart MySQL to load the new configuration:

To check the size of your active thread_stack you can run this MySQL query:

Note that if you want to change this setting in a hypernode-docker instead of on your production Hypernode you will not be able to use the hypernode-systemctl command-line tool, as that tool talks to the hypernode-api which for obvious reasons is not connected to your local Docker environment. If you would like to change this setting in your local Docker as well, you can simply edit /etc/mysql/conf.d/mysql-master.cnf as the root user and add the thread_stack line and restart the services.