This release introduces a comprehensive Control Panel with over 50 extra settings designed to give you full control over your server management. With this update, you can customize various aspects of your server’s configuration without need to use CLI.

To view new settings page, log in to your Control Panel and navigate to Settings page on the Hypernode level.

All of the settings are divided into user-friendly categories to help you find the correct setting in shorter time.

For your convenience we provide you also with the search bar, which searches across settings by title, description, and also CLI command that you might formerly knew. So no worries if you don’t recall the title, you just need to remember one keyword.

For more advanced developers we also provide you with “show advanced” toggle. This way you can dive even deeper in configuration of your server. You will distinguish advanced settings by the label next to the title.

When you’re done with changing the settings hit the Save button and you’re done.