Xdebug Cloud support

With this release, we’ve added support for Xdebug Cloud to our Xdebug configuration (read more about Remote Debugging). When xdebug is enabled on your Hypernode, you can configure the Xdebug Cloud key with the php_xdebug_cloud_key setting:

app@abcdef-example-magweb-cmbl ~ $ hypernode-systemctl settings php_xdebug_cloud_key aaa-bbb-ccc
Operation was successful and is being processed. Please allow a few minutes for the settings to be applied. Run 'livelog' to see the progress.


We have also updated New Relic, Blackfire and ionCube to the latest versions. A few noteworthy things about that:

  • New Relic does not support PHP 5.6 anymore. We still install the latest working library file for PHP 5.6 for now, but we can’t give any guarantees for how long this is supposed to work.
  • With the latest ionCube version, we have also added support for ionCube on PHP 8.2.