With this release, we’ve made some changes to the NGINX configuration on the Hypernode platform.

We’re currently hard at work to create more Hypernode Cluster features. Last month we showcased our database role for the Hypernode Cluster, which makes it available for Hypernodes to offload the MySQL load to a separate Hypernode, making more resources available on the application server. The next part to the Hypernode Cluster project is to have a loadbalancer with multiple application servers. To make this available, we have made some changes to the NGINX configuration, so we can define NGINX configurations for specific Hypernode roles (like web and loadbalancer).

Previously, there was quite some NGINX configuration residing in the global /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file. We have moved most specific configurations for the web role to the /etc/nginx/conf.d/web.conf file. So if you’re looking at the global configuration file and feel like something’s missing, you should take a look at /etc/nginx/conf.d/web.conf.