With this release, we have added support for Redis 6.0 (see Redis release blog post). This version of Redis has many changes and improvements:

  • Performance improvements
  • ACL support
  • Longest Common Subsequence commands
  • Newest Redis protocol RESP3

We have added support for this major Redis version, because Magento >= 2.4.2 has a soft requirement (yes soft, not actually required) for that version.

For people who want to start using Redis 6.0, you can easily configure your Hypernode with the following command:

app@83f26q-testapp-magweb-cmbl:~$ hypernode-systemctl settings redis_version 6.x
Operation was successful and is being processed. Please allow a few minutes for the settings to be applied. Run 'livelog' to see the progress.

If you want to go back from 6.x to 5.0, you can do that by using the above command with the 5.0 value instead of 6.x.