After multiple requests from our customers and keeping in mind the efficiency of our Control Panel, we created Bulky Team Invite functionality, which is about inviting to a team many people at once, choosing a role for each of them.

First of all, you can invite as many people as you want at once. Each invitee will have a separate role and will get an email once the invitation is sent. You can add an optional general message, which will be sent to all invited people.

Secondly, we added a separate page to manage a user and the teams he/she is in. On the My Teams page, you will see an additional section with Manageable users now. By accessing the user you will see the overview of all the teams that he/she is in, you can opt-out the teams you want to remove the member from or change the role of the member for a particular team. If you need, you can also remove the user from all the teams with one click.

The invitation system works the same way as before, so each invitee needs to accept the invite to join the team. Before that happens, you can always cancel the pending invitation.

Let’s grow the team!