With this release we’ve started monitoring the /data/web/ directory for log files bigger than 1 GB. When we find such log files, you’ll receive an e-mail once a week with instructions to start rotating your logs using logrotate.

But why?

We believe that rotating log files is a win-win to both parties.

  • Our backup processes will run faster, because they won’t get clogged up by large log files.
  • Less disk usage means less time waiting to upgrade to a bigger/smaller Hypernode plan.
  • Reading smaller, well-rotated log files is less painful for developers when application problems occur.
  • Less disk usage!

What can I do proactively?

In aforementioned e-mail, we tell our customers to take a look at our useful hypernode-auto-logrotate tool, so why not in this changelog?

You  can use the tool with the –detect and –dry-run flags to see what log files are found and would be added to the logrotate configuration.