This week a security release for imagemagick was pushed to fix a vulnerability relating to the underlying Ghostscript interpreter. Because in Magento sites it is not very common for non-trusted users to upload images that will be converted to one of these formats, this vulnerability isn’t very critical. But because people can get very creative we needed to patch this anyway. This means that last week for a short while the following Ghostscript coders were unavailable on various Hypernodes (PS, EPS, PDF and XPS). In this release we will re-enable those coders now that the vulnerabilities have been patched. Note that in this new version of ImageMagick the quality of PDFs converted to PNGs may be different than before. If the clarity of those converted images is important to your shop be sure to add an explicit -density flag to your /usr/bin/convert calls to prevent undesired behavior. For example, don’t run convert image.pdf image.png but convert -density 400 image.pdf image.png instead.