In this release we have started our previously announced effort to migrate production resources from DigitalOcean to the brand new Combell OpenStack cloud. This change will allow for a couple of cool new features like volume swap migration between the Magento Professional 3XL, 4XL and 5XL plans and way faster provisioning (around 10 minutes from ordering in the control panel to production ready).

This week we are migrating all DEV plans, and we have flipped the switch for any newly ordered non-excellence (AWS) Hypernode. If you have a Hypernode that is still on DigitalOcean, don’t worry, if you upgrade or downgrade you will stay at DigitalOcean. If your node is up for migration you will receive communication beforehand.

In other news, we have changed how our hypernode-ftp command calls the ftpasswd. If you want to manage FTP use we recommend that the hypernode-ftp tool is used, if you use something else that interfaces with ftpasswd directly this change might cause some previously available functionality to become incompatible.