In the coming 7 days all the Hypernodes are updated with a new functionality. This functionality enables you to preinstall a Magento or Akeneo installation on your Hypernode.

This is only available on a live Hypernode, not in the Hypernode docker.

Using the command hypernode-systemctl preinstall [preinstall_type] the installation is automatically installed.  The current supported preinstall_types are magento1, magento2, akeneo3.2 and akeneo4.0. By adding --sample-data as an argument we install the version with sample data . Take a look at the livelog command to check the progress on the update job.

Please be aware that this does not set the general Hypernode settings (php, mysql) to the proper values. This still needs to happen manually. In addition, for Magento make sure the /data/web/public folder is empty.

Use your browser to go to and check out your preinstallation.