We will be (slowly) releasing a limit for how many PHP workers a source IP can use.
Initially we will allow a source IP to use all but 2 PHP workers, in the long run this
limit may get set even lower.

Today we released this change for all Hypernodes starting with the letter A.

This change will reconfigure nginx such that a source IP can use all workers except
for the last two slots, which will be reserved for other IP addresses. Whenever the
source IP makes an additional dynamic/php request, he will receive a 429 error.
This is to prevent a single IP from consuming all workers/resources.

Should anyone have any problems with this change please contact us, and we can execute
a rollback for you should that be needed. We don’t expect this will be needed but it’s
an option should it be needed.

We will be evaluating this change and as always we’ll communicate upcoming changes on
bytenoc and also log them here once the change was executed.