New Relic for PHP 8.2

Support for New Relic with PHP 8.2 has been added. This was still a missing feature, but New Relic has released a new version of their PHP agent, which added support for PHP 8.2.

Brancher improvements

We have fixed a bug where the /data/web/.my.cnf configuration file did not have the right host, which prevented users from using the mysql command.

n98-magerun2 update

Alongside Magento releasing the latest 2.4.6 version, n98-magerun2 has released a new version 7.0.0. The new version features new functionality, support for Magento 2.4.6 and other improvements. Go checkout their release notes!

If you’re on the latest version for the magerun2_version setting, you’ll be up to date. Coming week we’ll be adding options for explicitly using the 7.x version.