The last release was focused on the menu improvement in the Control Panel. We changed the behavior and structure of the navigation to not suddenly collapse the subitems over the main menu content. You can collapse the Hypernode submenu on hover or by clicking the arrow now. Besides that, the submenu stays open if you’re within the Hypernode pages (Dashboard, Backups, Import & Install, Allowlist, etc.) which helps you to see where you are on every page. The submenu is now only available for the Hypernode, the rest of the items are reachable through detail pages. Moreover, the Team detail page contains Hypernodes and Members at the same site now instead of two separate pages. The menu and the header of the Control Panel are fixed now, which means if you scroll down the page you will always see the menu and the header in the same position.


After magerun2 v5 was released, we also put it on the Hypernodes!

app@1fosvd-vdloo-magweb-cmbl:~$ magerun
magerun magerun2 magerun2-4.8.0 magerun2-5.0.0