Vagrant image is now available

By popular demand, we’ve been working on a Vagrant image for Hypernode. This image allows you to develop your site on an environment exactly like a Hypernode, only on your own your laptop or PC.

Have a look at our Github repo for the Vagrant image and give it a go!

Correct filtering of PHP scripts in /media/ and /var/

After a long community discussion over on the Hypernode Uservoice, we are rolling out a new Nginx rule that follows Magento best-practises and:

  • that forbids all execution of PHP scripts in /media/ and /var/;
  • that allows execution of PHP scripts in /skin/ and /js/;
  • that returns a static 404 page, instead of starting the Magento App when files do not exist.

So this replaces part of the Hypernode fix that forbade PHP scripts in all four directories, but keeps the performance boost from not rendering 404 pages through Magento.

Remember: our Hypernode Uservoice is open to any customer. We need your help to make Hypernode the best fix for your shops!

Many other small improvements

  • Solved problems connecting to Bitbucket, by raising SSH’s ConnectTimeout from 1 to 60.
  • Added optipng to Hypernode so you can create smaller PNG images.
  • Any clients with a User-Agent containing bGenius will now be seen as bots and rate-limited accordingly.
  • Clients can now properly use du -sk /data/mysql/ to see their DB usage.