In this release, we change the way that Hypernodes include there SPF records. For each Hypernode we provide an SPF record at spf.<appname> to be included in your domain. This record used to include, which in its turn included all our mail servers and other services. Because included other external services, the amount of DNS lookups needed for this SPF went up to 5. Which is already half of the lookups allowed by the SPF specification. This was causing issues with customers who also include their own SPF as well.

So, with this release we lower the amount of SPF includes we do by changing to only includes the Byte mail servers and non of the external parties anymore. For Hypernodes this should be sufficient.

When updated the SPF record of a Hypernode will look like this:

erik@erik-desktop-byte:~ [0] $ dig TXT +short
"v=spf1 ip4: ?all"

Now the spf.<appname> only needs 2 DNS lookups instead of 5.
This change will be deployed to all Hypernodes this week.

For more information about how to use SPF on Hypernode see the following article.