Magento released the new Magento 2 version 2.3.2 yesterday. The Magento 2 preinstall on Hypernode has been updated to this new version. The new preinstalled version when you order a Hypernode will now be 2.3.2.

$ bin/magento --version
Magento CLI 2.3.2

If you want to try out this new Magento version with the official sample data (the Luma demo shop) check out this Magento 2 sample data repository on github.

To install the sample data in your empty Magento 2.3.2 shop you can:

  • git clone the magento2-sample-data
  • check out the 2.3.2 revision
  • build the sample data like:

php -f magento2-sample-data/dev/tools/build-sample-data.php -- --ce-source=/data/web/magento2
  • link the sample data in your shop:

ln -fs /data/web/magento2-sample-data/pub/media /data/web/magento2-sample-data/media
  • deploy the sample data: /data/web/magento2/bin/magento setup:upgrade

If you get an error like:

"/data/web/magento2/bin/magento", "setup:install", "", "--db-name=vdloo_preinstalled_magento", "--db-user=app", "--db-password=", "--admin-firstname=Berend", "--admin-lastname=Botje", "", "--admin-user=admin", "--admin-password=", "--backend-frontname=vdloo_admin", "--base-url=", "--language=en_US", "--timezone=Europe/Amsterdam", "--currency=EUR", "--use-rewrites=1"

In ErrorHandler.php line 61:
  Warning: Use of undefined constant SODIUM_CRYPTO_PWHASH_ALG_ARGON2ID13 - as  
  sumed 'SODIUM_CRYPTO_PWHASH_ALG_ARGON2ID13' (this will throw an Error in a   
  future version of PHP) in /data/web/magento2/vendor/magento/framework/Encry  
  ption/Encryptor.php on line 153   

Make sure that you’re running the the latest PHP version 7.2.19 which contains a version of libsodium of at least 1.0.13 (we run 1.0.17 right now).

You can check your current PHP version with:

$:~/magento2$ php -v | grep cli
PHP 7.2.19-1 (cli) (built: Jun 24 2019 13:41:17) ( NTS )
$:~/magento2$ php -i | grep sodium
sodium support => enabled
libsodium headers version => 1.0.17
libsodium library version => 1.0.17

Note that you might need to restart php-fpm to make sure your website is also running the new version (and not just the cli):

$ hypernode-servicectl restart php7.2-fpm