User Roles and Permissions on Hypernode’s Control Panel

We’ve introduced Roles as a way of differentiating between different access levels within the Control Panel, for every  team member within a Team. When inviting a new team member you now have to assign a role to the invited team member.

The Different Control Panel Roles:

Currently we provide four different roles with accompanying permissions:

  • Owner: Can access and use every feature. This is the most powerful role and cannot be assigned. The user who ordered a Hypernode is automatically the owner.
  • Admin: Can use all features, except for the PSP portal. E.g. admins cannot upgrade, downgrade or cancel Hypernode plans*. They can invite other team members and set or change roles of team members.
  • Developer: Can manage all technical features on Hypernodes he or she has access to.
  • Merchant: Can access the Control Panel on a view-only basis.

For already existing Teams

Initially, the team’s owner (Hypernode owner) is the only user that can assign roles to other team members. After assigning a user the Admin role, they will also be able to assign roles.
For already existing teams we’ve set all team members, other than Owners, as Admin. Which reflects the access levels as they were up till now.


Read more in our support documentation and also check out this blog


*Next step will be: adding permissions to upgrade and downgrade Hypernodes to the Admin role.