In this release we have updated the New Relic PHP agent from to

Magento related entries from the PHP Agent changelog:

  • In some cases, Magento 2’s UI Component JSON data sources return with an (incorrect) Content-Type of text/html. This resulted in auto instrumentation insertions into JSON data that contained astring. We now identify these specific JSON data sources and ensure the auto instrumentation is not inserted into this JSON data.
  • The agent would not report Zend_Http_Client external calls when the Zend Framework was used directly as a library or indirectly by a framework like Symfony or Magento. This has been fixed.
  • Automatic transaction naming for Magento 2 has been improved. Previously, only requests that were handled by Magento’s normal routing were automatically named, which resulted in request types that utilized Magento’s interceptor/plugin functionality being named as unknown. This primarily affected users of the REST or SOAP web services.
  • REST and SOAP requests will now be named in the Webapi/Rest and Webapi/Soap namespaces, respectively, and will be named according to the service class and method that handle the request.
  • Third party modules that add an interceptor on MagentoFrameworkAppFrontControllerInterface to override the dispatch() method will result in transaction names that are based on the interceptor class name. New Relic recommends using the newrelic_name_transaction() API function from within the module to name the transaction if you require more precision.

For the entire changelog see the complete New Relic PHP Agent release notes.

Changes will be rolled out over the course of this week.