New Excellence 4XL plan

In this release we have added the new Excellence 4XL size. This new plan has 64 cores and 256GB of RAM, making it our largest Hypernode yet. If you’re wondering how that would look like in top, wonder no more:

For details about this new Hypernode size, keep an eye on our pricing page or talk to sales. You will be able to upgrade to this product in the Service Panel soon.

Switching between products with the same type of node without downtime or IP change

Previously all product changes would migrate a Hypernode to a new instance. For product changes where the resulting node is of the same type as before this migration is not strictly necessary.

We have changed our automation so it will skip any migration where the new instance is of the same type as the old instance. This means you can switch between a development product to the non-development equivalent of the same product and back without changing IPs or downtime. This also applies to upgrading a Hypernode trial to a Magento Grow plan.

For any upgrade or downgrade to a larger or smaller product, or a Hypernode product at a different cloud-provider your node will still be migrated to a new instance as before with the associated downtime and IP change. See this article about the Hypernode upgrade process for more information.

This change will be deployed later today.