In this release we have enabled Brotli on all Hypernodes.

Google Brotli Compression

Brotli is the often requested generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm by Google that can achieve a compression ratio of 20 to 26% higher than their previous Zopfli compression algorithm.

This can give the performance of your shop an edge in low bandwidth situations like often encountered on mobile. Better compression can benefit people browsing your store using unreliable free WIFI in public places like the train or when cellular coverage is limited.

Brotli and it’s importance for Magento

Mobile is rapidly becoming a more important concept in the world of Magento. An example of this is Magento’s recent push for progressive web apps as a means to facilitate a more frictionless mobile experience. Using Brotli to send data over the wire very efficiently can aid in safeguarding responsiveness if bandwidth is a limiting factor.

Brotli on Hypernode

Check out our previous post on Brotli here. We have compiled the Brotli module statically into the NGINX build we run on Hypernode. You can verify if your domain is using Brotli using this tool.

Update PHP 7

Additionally, we will be updating PHP from 7.0.24 to 7.0.25 gradually on all nodes this week. You can check out the PHP changelog here.