Problems with non-loading ESI blocks fixed

We’ve updated our Varnish configuration to include the -p feature=+esi_ignore_https flag by default for new Hypernodes. We’ve updated this because of problems with ESI (Edge Side Includes) blocks not loading when retrieved using site-wide HTTPS with Varnish enabled in Magento 2 stores. As Varnish does not natively support HTTPS, ESI calls to HTTPS resources are ignored by default.

By setting the+esi_ignore_https flag, Varnish will treat HTTPS as HTTP in <esi:include /> blocks, thereby allowing ESI calls to pass through. However, because these calls are unencrypted and ESI is commonly used to cache information pertaining to authenticated users, it is recommended to only use ESI includes with resources on localhost. If you also want to enable this setting for an already existing Hypernode, please contact support.

Please refer to the issue on the official Magento 2 GitHub repository for more information related to ESI on Magento 2 with Varnish caching enabled.