In this release it becomes possible to whitelist IP addresses on development plans,
so that they are exempt from the basic authentication requirements.

This may be useful to test external payment providers or other kind of external
services which do no support basic auth.

The whitelist file is placed in /data/web/nginx/whitelist-development-exception.conf
and looks like this:

# You can make certain IP addresses exempt here from the development
# basic auth. Beware though, that google and bing bots will always
# remain blocked on development nodes!

geo $development_exceptions {
    default "Development restricted area"; "off";   # disables basic auth for

In the above example we made exempt from the basic auth requirement.
That address can then access all sites without any authentication requirements,
which are normally imposed on the development plans.

Also beware that Bing and Google user agents have been blocked in the development