Today’s release updates PHP on PHP 7 Hypernodes and other minor changes.

  • PHP 7 updated from 7.0.12-1 to 7.0.13-1.

You can look at our packaging here if you are interested in that sort of stuff.

  • The hypernode-importer can skip Magento path autodetection

If the host has many files in the directories where the hypernode-importer will search in by default and no Magento installation could be found in the specified path, then running the importer could potentially cause a high load on the remote server by running the find command in the user home directory and some other predefined locations.

In order to prevent this when you know in advance that a Magento installation might not be detected and the remote server contains a lot of files or will be slow when performing the find for other reasons like IO performance, a new flag was added to skip path auto-detection so the importer will strictly only search in the specified directory even if no Magento was found in the specified directory.

  --skip-autodetect     Do not attempt to find Magento in the default
                        locations if no Magento can be found in the provided
                        path. The default locations we look in are ['$HOME',
                        '/var/www', '/var/html', '/www']
  • The hypernode-importer can import associated databases (experimental)

Some Magento shops have a WordPress installation hacked into them. While we do not want to condone this since a WordPress installation combined with Magento can cause many issues like security problems, we do want to provide the option that if you have to transfer a shop with a WordPress database attached to it additionally to the Magento database, you can do so automatically by using this new flag.

Note: this feature is experimental and should be considered a best-effort attempt at syncing the additional database. The wp-config.php parsing is very rudimentary and there is little to no error checking involved. If you use this feature be sure to check the database to see if all the data you expected was transferred.

                        Also try to copy additional databases [experimental].
                        Will look for a wp-config.php and tries to sync the
                        database as defined there as well.
  • The hypernode-importer logs shell SSH exceptions more clearly

Previously the hypernode-importer would error out with aborted: without a specified message. In this specific case the shell error was hidden while it shouldn’t be. It will be caught and printed to the shell now.

  • The hypernode-importer sets default url to .local in Vagrants

Running the hypernode-importer with the --set-default-url flag in a Vagrant environment would previously set the default url to while it would be more obvious to set it to appname.hypernode.local since that is the default configuration of the vagrant-hostmanager in the hypernode-vagrant repository.

Note: on Macs .local sometimes clashes with the Bonjour service discovery service. If you run into that you will still have to set a custom suffix as the default url yourself instead of using the --set-default-url flag.

  • The hypernode out of memory monitor now also kills clamav-freshclam

The freshclam daemon (virus database updater) sometimes gets stuck in a loop where it can not allocate memory in case of low memory situations. If this happens we will now automatically attempt to kill the process to prevent it from hogging the CPU and writing gigabytes of error logs to disk.