No more memory limits on PHP processes

A while ago, we introduced a global cgroup limit on memory. This is a safeguard that makes sure the app user does not use more memory than is healthy for the Hypernode. The total of memory used by processes owned by the app now cannot exceed a certain safe amount of memory.

This feature has been brewing in our cooker for while and now we feel confident enough to remove the PHP memory limit from all processes.

At first we tried to set the memory limit to unlimited, using -1 in php.ini and such. This made Magento crash in certain circumstances, because it could not convert -1 to something that matched the regex 🙁 So now we’ve just set the limit to 2GB of memory, which is waaay more than before and should be enough for all shops.

Blocking certain bots from Hypernode entirely

Certain bots hammer Hypernodes more than others, filling up the rate limit for bots very often and clogging your Hypernode. This is why we’ve chosen to block these bots all together. We’ve started with two, expect us to block more in the future.

  1. AhrefsBot
  2. MJ12bot

If you’d like to see how many bots visit your Hypernode, take a look at MageReport, which has graphs that detail the number of total requests vs bot requests.