It’s now possible to enable Varnish for your Hypernode via the control panel. You can find this feature under the “Caching” tab on the left when you’ve selected a Hypernode. Alternatively you can check it out by visiting this link.

Editing subscriptions

You can now edit the subscriptions for your Hypernodes by either clicking the “Change your plan” link in the header when you’ve selected a Hypernode, or by clicking “Change your plan” on the Hypernode listing page. You will then be redirected to a Chargebee portal where you can edit the subscription.


We’ve made some changes to our internal systems which should improve the speed at which we can deploy new features to the control panel. Since the control panel is essentially a fancy wrapper around the Hypernode-API we’ve made some generic improvements which will allow us to handle things a lot faster when it comes to releasing features.