At Hypernode, we constantly look for opportunities to improve our platform. In a proactive approach for the coming holiday season, we’ve been benchmarking our platform to find possible improvements of our Hypernode setup. In this release we tweaked a few MySQL settings:

  • Increase the innodb_log_buffer_size and innodb_log_file_size to reduce disk IO operations used for InnoDB logs. This change requires extra 312MB from the /data path (MySQL will allocate the files with the specified size upon restart)
  • Reduce query_cache_min_res_unit to help improve usage of memory allocated for query cache. This helps with faster reads from query cache and less cache prunes due to running out of cached memory
  • On Hypernodes with 1GB memory (deprecated “Start” plans), decreased query_cache_limit to prevent too large content from getting cached (if any) as the size of query cache on Hypernodes is proportional to the system memory, and so is smaller on these Hypernodes

Please note that MySQL server needs to restart for the new changes to apply, so upon the next full update, the MySQL service on Hypernodes would restart. We’re gradually rolling these changes on all Hypernodes over the course of this week.