In this release we have updated our Magento 2 preinstall to the new 2.3.5 version that was released yesterday. When your order a new Hypernode through and select the Magento 2 preinstall you will now get this new version.

If you have an existing node and want to check out this new version you can trigger a fresh preinstall using the hypernode-api. To do so, make sure you have moved any previous installation out of the way first (the files and the database):

To initiate a new Magento 2 preinstall of this latest version run:

or if you want sample data (the fake default shop):

To track the progress of the preinstall run livefpm or hypernode-log:

If the state becomes reverted it means the job failed. If that happens check if you moved any previous installation out of the way as described above and make sure you have a compatible PHP and MySQL version configured.

Once finished the hypernode-log output will report:

And you’ll find your new Magento 2.3.5-p1 installation in /data/web/magento2:

And you’ll be able to check it out on http://<appname>

Other changes:
Magerun2 bash completion has been added
– We will now logrotate nginx logs every 10 minutes if necessary instead of once per hour. For very busy shops this sometimes caused issues with the root disk filling up due to access logs being written so fast that the rotation couldn’t keep up.