In order to support Akeneo and Shopware properly, we have added a new feature in our hypernode-systemctl tool to give you the ability to upgrade your MySQL version to 5.7.26-29.

Upgrading your Hypernode to MySQL 5.7

If you want to upgrade your existing Hypernode from MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 5.7, you can simply run the following command via the CLI:

hypernode-systemctl settings mysql_version --value 5.7

This will post an update job to our systems which will automatically transition your existing database to the new version. Note: this will temporarily turn off your database as we need to install the new MySQL version.

Once you upgraded to MySQL 5.7 you can no longer downgrade to MySQL 5.6. We disallow this downgrade as we cannot guarantee a smooth transition back to this older version because of incompatible changes that are being made.

What’s new in MySQL 5.7

Besides adding support for Akeneo and Shopware, MySQL 5.7 also gives you several features that might be a great addition for your Hypernode. Below is a summary of some of the noticable changes:

  • The new default sql_mode is set to STRICT_TRANS_TABLES, which will set stricter constraint when setting values in your database. This will result in clearer data constraint errors; MySQL 5.6 tends to not complain when an invalid value was set for a given field.
  • Performance metrics of your database are moved from the information_schema.global_status table to the performance_schema database.
  • The password field in the mysql.user table is renamed to authentication_string.
  • Database and table names can now be a maximum of 32 characters long, up from 16 characters.

For a full list of changes compared to MySQL 5.6 please have a look at the changelog from MySQL.