Today we released a new Grow plan with more memory, for the same price as the old Grow plan. A Grow plan now gets you 3GB RAM, 640MB of Redis cache, 2 cores and 44GB of storage. This makes this plan more compatible with newer Magento 2 versions. The Grow Development plan has also been updated to use the new resources.

Note that we only offer 3GB of memory on Combell OpenStack. If you choose to move your Hypernode to a DigitalOcean datacenter anywhere in the world, we are restricted by the resources they offer in their plans, which means 2GB of memory (and 2 cores, 44GB of storage).

If you want to start using the new Grow, you can order one on the service panel (Dutch customers). If you already have a Hypernode, you can change your plan to start using the new Grow. This also works if you already have a Grow: simply migrate from Grow to Grow.