In this release we introduce hypernode-vpn a fully automated VPN solution for Hypernode, which can be used for securely connecting to your database.
hypernode-vpn is based on OpenVPN, with settings optimized for Hypernode.

How it works

When hypernode-vpn is enabled on a Hypernode, the Hypernode automation takes care of installing openvpn and generating the required certificates on the Hypernode. All the node specific data is stored in /data/openvpn. This makes sure that when a node is migrated the same certificates can be used.

Enable/Disable hypernode-vpn

This can simply be done on the node itself, using the new hypernode-systemctl tool:

After the installation is complete the client configuration can be found in: /data/openvpn/client-configs

More information

A more detailed description for how to use hypernode-vpn can be found on our community docs.