User Management

We’ve added User Management as a new feature on our Control Panel. It’s now possible to invite co-developers, merchants or agencies (from a merchants perspective) to your “Team” for accessing and handling your Hypernode(s) settings. You can also create a new Team for a specific Hypernode, in case you have more.

Teams, Owners and Members

In short everything you need to know about Teams; Owners and Members.

  • Teams: Anyone with a Hypernode account can create a team and add one or more Hypernodes to that team to be handled by its Team Members. 
  • Team Owner: Users who create a team automatically become the Team Owner. The owner cannot be removed from the team and is the only member who can change (e.g. up- or downgrade) the Hypernode plan and add Hypernode(s) to the Team.
  • Team Members: Team members can change the team name, invite new members and have access to all Hypernode settings (such as adding SSH keys, changing the PHP version). The only exception is the up or downgrading of the Hypernode plan or adding Hypernode(s) to a Team. 

Full explanation can be found in our User Management support documentation.

Once you logged in to your Control Panel just click on Manage Teams in the top right corner and have a look!

Transferring Ownership

You can also easily transfer the ownership of a Hypernode to your client or any other party using the transfer ownership page on the Control Panel. Once the new owner accepts ownership you will lose access to that Hypernode, so the new owner has to invite you to his (or her) Team.