In this release we’ve made it possible to configure your Hypernode to place the MySQL tmpdir on the /data disk instead of having it in the default /tmp directory on the root partition. This makes it possible to store a larger amount of MySQL temporary files at the cost of utilizing disk space on the user disk instead of on the system disk.

MySQL stores various sorts of temporary files. One type of temporary files are on disk temporary tables. Temporary tables are used for performance optimizations by means of memoization among other things. By building session-bound temporary structures it becomes faster to query for certain types of data. Depending on your application and the contents of your database, the size of those tables can vary.

We have noticed that for very large shops with many storefronts the amount of space required can exceed the amount of storage available on the root partition. For those cases we now offer an opt-in feature that will change the tmpdir to /data/mysql_tmp_directory.

To check if this feature is enabled on your node you can run the query SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'tmpdir':

Not enabled (default)

Enabled (via support)

You can contact support if you would like to enable this setting for your Hypernode.