Because it is December we have done our best to make as little alterations to the platform as possible to provide the most stable hosting experience for our customers during these busy holiday months. However we do have some updates to share. These are some of the things we have been up to since the last release.

  • Upgrade all kernels to fix CVE-2016-8655 Linux af_packet.c race condition

  • Do not run freshclam as a daemon (could cause CPU loops in out of memory situations)

  • Tweaked our retry and error handling strategies for some of the provisioning APIs we use (kernel management, monitoring)

  • Added default alias for showing the base url of the shop on the Hypernode. Thanks @fliphess!

This was fixed by @frosit. The latest version of magerun made the testsuite for the repository incompatible. See this PR.

  • The hypernode-vagrant LXC version is now compatible with Redhat, CentOS and Fedora

Thanks @Desmaster! Details in this issue and this pull request.

  • The hypernode-vagrant auto installation of the vagrant-hypconfigmgmt plugin has been fixed for Vagrant 1.9.0

Special thanks to @martijn94 and @tomlankhorst.
Fixes the following error as reported by Vagrant 1.9.0 users:

More information here and here.