In this release we’ve introduced a few generic improvements in the API and introduced an endpoint customers can use to retrieve the billing portal SSO login URL for their account.

Billing portal SSO URL

Non-Dutch speaking customers who ordered their Hypernode can now get their billing portal SSO login URL by calling the Chargebee SSO endpoint at the Hypernode API, Chargebee being the system we use for our billing. For more information visit this endpoints documentation. They can then use this URL to login to your billing portal to manage their subscriptions and information.

Generic improvements

We also introduced some generic improvements to the API:

  • We no longer return a 500 if our internal systems return something like a 400. If we receive a 400 we return this response so the calling party can tell what actually went wrong.
  • DELETE statements should now be used instead of POSTs when removing whitelist entries.
  • Updates to the latest Django and DRF security releases.
  • More Hypnode settings to set, such as: Enabling IonCube, setting strict SSH ciphers and ignoring https for Varnish.
  • Improved logging for our internal systems.