11 April 2017: due to low demand we deprecated SOLR in favor of sphinx. Starting now we don’t sell SOLR plans anymore.

In today’s release we have:

  1. Solr is available on request for all Excellence Hypernodes. Please contact Support if you’d like it enabled.
  2. We moved the sessions from one place to the other. We now fixed the PHP session cleaner to look in this new place 8)
  3. The Nginx rules now handle symlinked documentroots better. If you have /data/web/public/ symlinked to somewhere else, we now properly set $_SERVER variables to the realpath. See “Deploying PHP 7” by Rasmus Lerdorf.

And some minor fixes:

  1. HHVM will now properly respawn when killed if the node is out of memory.
  2. SQLAlchemy utils are now available for customers on all nodes.