Release 2871 brings a new variable $custom_server_name to control the custom server name instead of overwriting server_name directly. This fixes a potential configuration collision between licensing based on server_name and TLS certificate selection:

  1. server_name is used to select vhosts and the TLS certificates.
  2. It is also passed on to PHP as fastcgi_param so it shows up as $SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].
  3. Messing with server_name to fix $SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] is awesome to fix licensing based on server_name, but messes up TLS certificate selection.

By adding the new $custom_server_name variable users can specify something to pass to PHP without obstructing the TLS certificate selection.

Additionally in this release additional monitoring was enabled on all Hypernodes. A passive nagios check runner sends data to a NSCA-ng instance.