In order to prepare the Hypernode platform for the upcoming Magento 2.4 release later today we’ve added PHP 7.4 as an option. In this new version of Magento, PHP 7.4 will be officially supported for the first time. PHP 7.4 offers a small performance increase, various language features and more.

We are currently in the process of upgrading our entire fleet from Ubuntu Xenial to Debian Buster. You will only be able to use PHP 7.4 if your Hypernode has already been upgraded to the new operating system. If you wish to use PHP 7.4 but you haven’t been upgraded yet you can contact support to request to be upgraded early.

To enable PHP 7.4 on your Hypernode you can use the API or use the hypernode-systemctl command-line tool like so:

If you’re still on Xenial and try to upgrade the PHP version to 7.4 you will seen an error message.

Alternatively you can use the control panel to switch the PHP version.

PHP 7.4 in the control panel

Note that currently on the non-international Dutch service panel you can not switch to PHP 7.4. If you have a Hypernode that is connected to the service panel you can still use the command-line to switch the version however.