In this release we have added a new commandline tool on Hypernode which allows you to track the progress of running jobs for your Hypernode. This enables you to get a better insight into at what part of the process actions are as they are happening. The command is named hypernode-log and can be run by the shorthand hnl, or as the automatically updating livelog, similar to livefpm. For example, when you upgrade a Hypernode to a bigger plan, depending on the type of plan change, there can be some downtime. But that downtime will only occur after the new (larger) node has finished provisioning and the services are being migrated from the old to the new one. By looking at the output of this new hypernode-log command you could get an indication as to when the actual switch will occur.

You can run the command once to list an overview of actions:

Or run it as livelog for it to show the state in real time:

Documentation for the API endpoint that implements this functionality will be added soon. This new commandline tool will be deployed to all Hypernodes over the course of the next seven days.